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Conducting radon testing Mn, must be your first step in mitigating radon from your Minnesota home. Even before deciding on the radon testing kits or the radon mitigation system to employ, your chief priority is to ascertain whether your radon levels are above 4pCi/L. Without contacting an expert radon contractor, you’ll never know if you really need a radon inspection

What Does Mn Radon Testing Mean?

What conducting a radon test in Minnesota means is carrying out a thorough test in your Minnesota home to see the level of radon gas in it. It is important to know the radon concentration levels in your home, as having high levels can lead to serious health complications, none more deadly than cancer. 

The very first step in radon reduction/removal is a radon test. Typically this is carried out to verify whether the indoor-air or domestic water radon concentrations should be reduced.

If you didn’t know, radon can be present both in the air and in water(usually well waters). Radon in the air is considered to be of a greater health threat than radon found in domestic waters. That being said, it is important you conduct testing for both. 

Although radon in the air cannot be completely extinguished, it can be certainly be reduced, mitigated, and remediated.

Why Should I Be Concerned About Minneapolis Radon Testing?

As the number one cause of cancer among non-smokers and the second biggest cause of lung cancer in general, radon gas is something to be concerned about, especially if you are in Minnesota.

Any radon action above 4.0 pCi/L, is a cause for alarm, this is according to the Environmental Protection Agency and the Minnesota Department of Health. This is the same amount of radiation in having 100 chest X-rays!!!, or smoking ten cigarettes a day. 

Radon cause over 21,000 deaths yearly, and this number is projected to rise. The reason is that many aren’t aware of what radon is, nor do they know how to test and remove radon in their homes. This misinformation continues to plague the state and claim lives.Luckily, your reading this will save you from radon’s harsh effects.

These alarming figures about radon make it imperative for you to have a Radon test in Minneapolis, MN. 

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Am I in Danger Of Radon In Minneapolis?

It is estimated by the Minnesota Department of Health that about 40% of homes in Minneapolis seat on high radon levels, above the national recommendation. An alarming 2 out of 5 homes in the Area have a high concentration of radon gas. This puts you and your family in danger of radon, and at risk of cancer. Due to the topography of Minnesota and its geographical position, it has one of the highest radon levels in the entire country. 

The radon map mn 2019 shows that Minnesota averaged about 4.6 pCi/L in radon levels. This is considerably more than the national average by around 1.3pCi/L. The Minnesota radon levels by zip code also showed that Minneapolis, St. Paul, Rochester, and Alexandria had the highest radon levels.

Many homeowners are thus advised to conduct a test for radon in their homes before buying it. Also, it is not uncommon for radon to be a deal-breaker in real estate. This has come to be known as “radon in real estate transactions” 

There are several radon testing kits available to do this, but consulting a radon contractor is your best bet to test for radon in Minneapolis. At Minnesota Radon Pros™, we work with families and Agents in this regard and provides the radon testing services in Minnesota.

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How Does It Take To Test For Radon In Minnesota?

To test for radon in Minnesota, the shortest timeframe to give accurate results is a 48 hours time span. 2 days is sufficient to know the exact radon levels in your Minneapolis home.

If however, one uses a Passive Radon Test(a type of Radon test kit)  then it would need to be sent to a radioactivity lab for detailed analysis(it’s no big deal). This can take about 4 days. If you hire a well-trained Radon professional with a Continuous Monitor we do, then it can be done faster, say three days. So give us a Call Today and get tested.

Radon Testing Cost Mn

If you’re looking to run the test yourself, you can use any of two radon testing kit methods available. The Do It yourself radon testing methods include;

The Passive Testing Devices, which typically cost between $20 to $120 or the Active Testing Devices set which on their own cost anywhere from $150 to around $250. Want to know more about what it costs to get your home mitigated for radon? Read more here.

Types of Radon Test Kits Minnesota

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The Passive Testing Kits:

Usually small and easy to use, they do not require electricity to function. These devices can be set by anyone(DIY friendly) and then mailed to a nearby laboratory. Methods like charcoal cylinders, alpha track devices, and scintillation measurements are usually deployed. This test type takes at least 48 hours to ensure accuracy, before being sent to a lab for analysis. 

Active Radon Testing Kits:

Powered by Continuous Radon Monitors that are often the size of a shoebox, they’re to be set out by a technician who typically comes to your home two times. First to place the device and returns 48 hours later to retrieve the machine and read the results. Measurements are taken hourly by the technician and then an average radon level for the test period is produced. The cost is usually anywhere between $100 to around $200. This however does not include the later cost of mitigation.

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Our Radon Testing Process in Minneapolis, MN

We ensure radon testing is easy for homeowners in Minnesota, with our easy 5 step process:

#1:  Give us a call or fill out a form on our website to request for a Free quote, our quotes are the fairest of any radon mitigation company near you.

#2:  After giving you a quote, we’ll set up a consultation at your home in 24 hours or less.​

#3:  One of our trained radon specialists, will be at your home to carry out a test depending on the problems highlighted in the consultation. They will walk through your home and show you potential spots where radon could be entering your home. The radon specialist will proceed to set up a CRM, or “Continuous Radon Monitor”, in your home. This will continuously take the level of radon concentration in your home for two to three days

#4:  After the radon testing is completed, We will then proceed to determine if radon mitigation, or radon removal, is needed in your home. We also offer further, even more accurate, retesting options if you would like to know the radon gas levels of your home over a longer period of time.

#4:  If we agree and decide to have radon mitigation or radon reduction done, our Minnesota Radon Pros™ will walk you through the steps needed to remove radon from your home. Find pout more about Radon Mitigation here

#5:  You, your health, and that of your family will be perfectly safe from radon. You can sleep and live peacefully in your home, knowing it is radon free!

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