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Radon Test Kits Mn

Radon test kits are essential to help detect and mitigate radon in Minnesota. Getting a radon detector will not only help you know your radon levels to ascertain if they are above the Minnesota Department of health radon required levels but also ensure you can take the right actions if it is above such levels.

The department of health MN, recommends that radon tests be carried out in the state using the available Minnesota radon testing kits. Also that if radon levels in Minnesota homes exceed 4pCi/L, they are mitigated immediately.

If radon testing is recommended by the EPA and the MN department of health radon professionals(MDH radon), then what are the available radon test kits MN?

Best Radon Test Kits MN:

The best Radon test kits available to Minneapolis and Minnesota state residents can be grouped into two categories. These radon detectors in MN include;  Short Term Radon Test Kits and Long Term Radon Test Kits.

Short term test kits for radon take around 2 to 7 days to read radon action and show results. Long term radon detectors, on the other hand, can take a minimum of three months to read accurate radon action.

Below, we highlight some of our preferred MN radon test kits, both for short and long term.


Best Short Term Radon Test Kits:

As said earlier, short term radon detectors, detect radon in a number of days to give you the radon levels in your Minnesota home. Some of the can take as short as two days to about a week or two.

1. The Safety siren pro radon gas detector:
  • This is by far one of, if not the best Radon gas test kit out there. It has been evaluated by the EPA and this meets safety and professional requirements. The Safety siren pro Series 3, reads radon as fast as 2 days and is pretty accurate. The price for the safety siren pro Series 3 is $150. Call to place your order here.
The Safety siren pro series 3 radon gas detector
Short term Kansas University Radon Test Kit
2. The short term Kansas University Radon Test Kit:
  • The National Radon Program Services at Kansas University provides one of the best Radon testing kits on the market. Easy to use and read, it shows radon action levels in 2 days as well. You can place an order online for this kit and get it delivered to your doorsteps. Definitely one of the best radon measurement kits!
3. The Accustar Carbon Radon Test Kit:
  •  It comes as a dual test kit to be placed in two different rooms of your home. The testing typically takes 2 to 4 days after which you’re to send the levels to the company lab. The results are sent in a couple of days and are even available online. This should give you an idea about whether you need radon mitigation or removal. The cost of the Accustar is around $45.
The Accustar Carbon Radon Test Kit
The First Alert RD1 Radon Detection kits
4. The First Alert RD1 Radon Detection kits:
  •  This radon test kit is available in Minnesota and is very easy to setup. It is considered as the best DIY radon test kit on the market. EPA approved and takes roughly 2-3 days to test, after which samples are sent to the company lab and returned in two days to your home in Minnesota.

Best Long Term Radon Test Kits in Minnesota:

Long term radon gas detectors help you to get accurate long term analysis of your radon levels. Although it takes longer and is a bit more pricey, it is absolutely worth it, if you want to know the radon gas levels in your Minnesota home for a longer period.

Minnesota Radon Test Kits
1. RSSI Alpha Track Long term radon Testing Kit:
  •  If you’re a homeowner in Minnesota, an RSSI is a good way to think long term regarding radon. Although they have short term radon detectors, their long term kits will serve much more purpose as it can be used all year round. This is an MDH radon requirement.
RSSI Alpha Track Long term radon Testing Kit
The Airthings Corentium Radon Detector Kits
2. The Airthings Corentium Radon Detector Kits:
  • This testing kit monitors your radon levels daily, weekly, and all year round. Placed in strategic locations in a building, it runs on batteries to detect radon gas present in it. The Airthings radon detectors go for around $180 but are well worth the investment.
3. The Kansas University Long term Radon test Kits:
  •  As highlighted above, the National Radon Program being run at the Kansas University, provide great radon testing kits that can be used in Minnesota. Their kits read radon for 3 to 11 months. If you’re looking for an accurate radon measurement kit, you can do no wrong with this kit.
Short term Kansas University Radon Test Kit

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Is Radon Testing Required in MN?

Yes, radon testing is an absolute requirement in Minnesota. The Minnesota Radon Awareness Act requires all homes to be tested for radon. Homes built after 2010 are also required to have a passive radon mitigation system installed in it.

Furthermore, radon gas tests are required frequently even after installing a mitigation system. 

How often should I test for Radon?

Per the Minnesota department of health radon guidelines, all Minnesota homes should be tested for radon from the get-go and retested every 2 years.

Minnesota Radon Testing Requirements

The MDH radon guidelines stipulate that you test for radon in Minnesota after making changes to your foundation, heating, cooling, or ventilation.

Again, as a Minnesota radon specialist, we recommend you test for Radon after installing a Radon mitigation system. This is to ensure the system installed is working as it should.

Are Home Radon Test Kits Accurate?

Yes, studies have shown that home radon test kits are accurate. Short term radon gas detectors show pretty high rates accuracy in Minneapolis homes and across Minnesota. However, for a more consistent and stable average, it is best to have a long-term radon test done in conjunction with installing a Radon mitigation system if your levels are high.

How Can I Get A Free Radon Test Kit?

In Minnesota, the Minnesota Department of Health, Radon department does give out free radon test kits from time to time. This is to help increase awareness and educate residents about the harsh effects of Radon gas in the state.

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So there you have it, the different MN radon test kits available on the market. Many of them are DIY radon test kits. While short term radon testing kits can be cheaper and give results faster, long term radon gas detectors should not be ignored. The later helps measure accurate radon levels over time.

So if you’re looking to know more about MN radon test kits and get a radon measurement kit, you can give us a call today!

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