Radon Mitigation Minneapolis

Radon Mitigation Minneapolis

Before carrying out radon mitigation in Minneapolis, you must have first ensured you have done radon testing in your home. Naturally, radon mitigation follows radon testing. There are several radon mitigation system DIY available, but for a professional and accurate result, you need a radon mitigation specialist.

What Is Radon Mitigation In Minneapolis?

Radon mitigation is basically the process of reducing and removing radon gas concentration in a particular place, usually your home and commercial buildings. To better understand what radon mitigation is and entail, it is imperative you first know what radon is.

Radon is a colorless and odorless gas that is formed in the soil and occasionally in waters. It is a very dangerous radioactive gas that enters your house through cracks and holes in it. It is considered safe when radon is below 4.0pCi/L(the recommended level by the EPA and the Minnesota Department of Health) in your home, but anything above 4.0pCi/L is detrimental and needs to be reduced and mitigated.

Radon mitigation is no hoax and should be taken seriously, as radon gas causes cancer. In fact, it is the second biggest cause of lung cancer in America and the biggest cause of cancer overall among non-smokers. As a matter of fact, radon is responsive for over 21,000 deaths per year!

Minneapolis Radon Mitigation System

The systems available for mitigating the radon in your home, can be grouped into four; The Active soil Depressurization system, the Passive soil Depressurization the Sub pit system and the Crawlspace Sub-Membrane.

The Active Soil Depressurization:

can be further grouped into three.

Internal Soil Depressurization:

This is the most common type of radon mitigation system, especially in a family home. This involves installing pipes inside your home to help suck out the radon through connected pipes. 

When done by radon specialists, it is a neat process and an effective system in reducing radon. 

External Soil Depressurization:

As the name suggests, it is the opposite of the internal soil depressurization system, in that instead of the pipes running inside your home, it is fixed outside, together with the radon fan.

The sucked radon from within the walls of the house is passed way through the Pvc pipes and fans installed outside.

Concrete Slab Soil Depressurization:

This system is installed in homes with a concrete slab foundation. If your home has a concrete foundation, this system may be the best to mitigate the radon found in your Minneapolis home. 

Along with homes having concrete slab foundations, this can also be carried out in homes that do not have a sump pump or drain-tile system.

For More Information On The Passive Radon Mitigation System, read here.
Radon Mitigation Minneapolis

Sump Pit Radon Mitigation System:

The installation of this system utilizes existing rainwater drainage systems in the home to mitigate radon gas levels in homes. 

If your home has a sump pit system, this method will be the easiest one possible for you.

CrawlSpace Sub-Membrane Depressurization:

This is another mitigation system that takes advantage of home setup. 

The CrawlSpace Sub-membrane is installed in homes with crawl spaces or exposed dirt as part of its foundation.

First, a high-density polyethylene vapor barrier is placed on the soil, before the PVC pipes and radon fans are inserted to produce a pathway from the soil to the air outside.

Minneapolis radon

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Radon Mitigation System Cost​

The cost of each radon mitigation system differs from one another. Factors such as the type of house, the size, type of foundation, and location of a home play a big factor in determining such. Furthermore, each mitigation system is to be custom-built for you. Therefore, If  you can help us answer a few questions and receive a free quote from us.

The average price for radon mitigation is $1200 nationally. However, the price falls between $800 to $3000, depending on the level of work that needs to be done. Our prices are set with Minneapolis citizens in mind, you can be sure to get a fair quote from us without comprising on quality. Give us a call today.

Minneapolis Radon Mitigation Specialists

Picking the right radon mitigation company is as important as deciding to mitigate radon. The right radon specialist can be the difference between your safety, how much you spend, and how much radon actually leaves your home.

Whether you reside in Minneapolis, St Paul, Rochester, or in Alexandria, you need the right radon mitigation company to help reduce the radon in your home. Luckily, a top radon expert in us, don’t cost a fortune and you can be rest assured that your home is in the best hands possible.

Picking the wrong radon expert can lead to serious defects in your house and also to several health hazards as instead of mitigating radon, the faulty system redistributes it into your house.

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