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Radon Mitigation Mn

We, Minneapolis Radon Pros™ have been providing the quality radon services in Minnesota for over a decade.

We have ensured the people of Minneapolis, St. Paul, Rochester, and other places in Minnesota breathe, sleep and live free of radon gas, especially with the high radon levels in Mn. You can read more about how we do so here.

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What Is Radon Gas?

Radon is a colorless and odorless gas that appear naturally from the breakdown of uranium in water bodies, soils, and rocks.  It is also known to be a very deadly radioactive gas which causes cancer. It is the second-largest cause of lung cancer, after smoking, and the biggest among nonsmokers. Because it can stack itself in water and the soil, it sucks itself into homes across America through holes and cracks and accumulates to very high radon levels over time.

Due to the high radon levels in Minnesota and the United States as a whole, the US government recommends a standard level below 4 picocuries per liter (pCi/L) of radon in homes and any other commercial building. Want to know if your Minneapolis, Mn home falls below 4 picocuries per liter (pCi/L)?, contact us for a Test Today!

How Does Radon get In My Minneapolis, Mn Home?

Radon is a penetrative gas, and as stated above, can make it’s way through cracks and holes in your walls. After this, the radon gas stores and accumulates in your walls through a process referred to as the “Stack Effect”

Since it is a colorless and odorless gas, unlike other types of gas, it is difficult to know when a stack effect has occurred, making it imperative you test for radon today 

How radon enters Minnesota homes

What Is the Radon Level In Minnesota?

It is paramount you are abreast of the radon levels in Minnesota to ensure you’re safe, since the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends that every home be tested. 

In a 2017 report, the Minnesota Department of Health highlighted that the average level of radon in Minnesota homes is 4.6 pCi/L —  three times the national average of 1.3 pCi/L– and .6 more than the EPA recommendation!

The Health Department also talked about the Minnesota radon levels by zip code. It highlighted that about 40% – 2 out of 5 homes in Minneapolis and Minnesota as a whole have radon levels above 4.0.  The Mn Radon Map 2019 below, highlights this.

With these alarming statistics in mind, it is paramount you contact a radon expert or radon contractor like us to establish if your home either in Minneapolis, St.Pauli, or Rochester is occupied with radon or not. For more detailed information on the various Minnesota radon levels by zip code, read below.

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Radon Map Minnesota

The radon interactive map for Minnesota shows an alarmingly high level of radon in the state. This radon map mn 2019, clearly shows a dangerously high concentration of radon in Mn. This map is also the same as the radon map mn in 2020, taking from the radon data in the state.

Read more on the radon data mn here to get more information on the radon levels Minnesota by zip code and the radon map for this year.

radon map mn 2019

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What are the Radon Mitigation Systems In Minnesota?

The systems for Mn radon mitigation differ from one another. Many factors come into play regarding these radon mitigation systems. One important factor is the radon mitigation system cost mn.

Another factor is for those looking to install the system themselves. Radon mitigation systems DIY can be more complex for a non-expert, thus you should call a radon mitigation company near you today. You can also read more on the different radon mitigation systems here.

Radon Mitigation Cost minnesota

A number of factors go into play when determining the cost of installing a system for radon mitigation in Minneapolis. As such, it is perfectly normal for the mitigation system in your former home to cost different from the price to remediate the radon in your new home.

Radon testing, radon mitigation Minnesota, radon remediation, and removal depends on each house and the soil. each radon reduction system is customized to each home. When we test a home in Minnesota and give a radon mitigation quote, we factor things like the size of the home, the age, the drainage system of the home, and also the geographical area.

If you call us on (612) 428-4702 and answer a couple of quick questions, we can give you a free quote on the spot. Or you can email us here and also get a FREE quote. You may also want to read More about Radon systems Cost

Why should I worry about Radon In Minneapolis Mn?

If your health, your family’s health and safety, and the preservation of your home is something you care about, then radon mitigation Minneapolis is something you have to take seriously. Need to know more reasons why you need to take radon testing Minneapolis and radon remediation seriously? Read below…

Minnesota Radon Levels are High

As mentioned earlier, the radon levels in Minneapolis are extremely high. The Minnesota Department of Health 2017 report shows that 2 out of 5 homes in the state have radon levels above the EPA recommendation of 4.0 pCi/L. Again, on average, homes in the state of Minnesota, have three times the national average levels of 1.3 pCi/L. This means there is a likelihood you and your family are sleeping in a radon air hotbed inside your home!. Thus it’s important for you to do some radon testing or retesting(if you’ve previously done one) and subsequently, Radon remediation in Minneapolis.

Radon Causes Cancer

Many studies have shown that there is a major link between breathing high concentrations of radon gas and the incidence of lung cancer. Per the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), radon is the second largest cause of lung cancer after cigarette smoking, being responsible for well over 21,000 deaths per year. It is also the biggest cause of lung cancer in nonsmokers. Around 2,900 of the above deaths are people who have never smoked. Put it into more context, this is 49 times more deaths than carbon monoxide (430 carbon monoxide deaths per year). If you have had a carbon monoxide detector in your home, why would you not have your home tested and remediated for Radon, which is 49X deadlier? Get tested for radon today!

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Quality Radon Services Offered in Minnesota

Radon Testing In Minneapolis MN

The best way to know if your Minneapolis home is safe from radon is to conduct radon testing. It is believed that 2 out of 5 (40%) homes in the state of Minnesota have high radon levels. If you are a homeowner, a tenant, Real estate Agent or Broker or a Landlord looking for the best professionals for radon testing in the twin cities, be sure to get in contact, for us to come carry out a test, using the radon testing kits on your property. We are the top radon inspectors, radon contractors and radon system installers in town.

If you have questions as to Minnesota radon testing requirements, radon testing mn, radon testing kits Minnesota or the radon testing procedures and equipment, you can read more here.

Radon Mitigation Minnesota

If you’re looking for radon solution and a company near you for radon removal services, we the Minnesota Radon Mitigation Pros™ are your go-to company. 

We specialize in conducting radon tests, installing radon fans, radon remediation, radon removal in mn, radon solutions as well as radon retesting. Contact the best radon installer in Minnesota today.

Radon For Home Buyers

Owning a home is a wonderful achievement. It is recommended that before making such a purchase, you test for radon and know the level of radon gas concentrated in it. Buying  a house with high radon levels can be a hassle and if you’re doing so in the Minneapolis Mn area then ensuring you have a residential radon test is crucial.  We serve all Areas in the twin-cities as well as the whole of Minnesota. So if you’re looking to buy a home, don’t wait for the agent to make the first move, get your home tested and mitigated of radon with us today!. 

Radon In Real estate Transactions

Radon in homes, play a big part in real estate transactions. It is recommended that you know the radon levels of a house before you put it on the market. We work with many real estate agents and brokers in Minneapolis, St Paul, Alexandria, Rochester, Twin-Cities areas, and across Minnesota to ensure the homes they sell are radon free. Are you a home seller? Understand the role of radon in real estate transactions today!.

Some Clients Testimonials

Chris Bakersfield

“Elite Radon mitigation company they are. I just moved to Minneapolis and heard about radon, so in my search for a radon mitigation company near me, I came across the Minneapolis Radon Mitigation Experts. They did an immense job testing and mitigating my home of radon"

Lisa Crane

“I called them on the phone by 10 am and before midday, they were at my house to conduct a radon test. Radon levels in my home were high and in the next couple of days, they installed a radon mitigation system effectively. Best radon mitigation company in Minnesota”

Richard Adams

“These guys know their onions. They came with their radon testing kit to my home in Minneapolis and gave me a fair quote. A great radon mitigation system was installed and now i and my family can sleep in peace. They are fantastic at Radon Mitigation Minnesota”

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Frequently asked Questions About Radon In Minnesota

Where Does Radon Come From?

Radon comes from the natural radioactive decay of radium and uranium found in the soil. The amount of radon in the soil depends on complex soil chemistry, which varies from house to house.

How Does Radon Get Into My House?

As a gas, radon makes it’s a way through cracks and holes in your walls. After this, the radon gas stores and accumulates in your walls through a process referred to as the “Stack Effect”

Thus leaving you with Radon-Laden air and radon-laden walls

What About Radon In Water?

Underground well water can transport radon gas from the soil into the house when taking a shower, doing laundry, or even when washing dishes. If however, your water comes from a more regulated municipal reservoir supply, you need not worry about radon in the water.

What Should I Do About The Radon Levels In My Home?

Get your home tested ASAP. And if you have had your house tested before, you may still need radon retesting just to be sure. After testing with radon testing kits, you will need radon removal and reduction done. Get in touch with us today

What level should you mitigate radon?

The recommended radon level for radon mitigation in Minnesota is anything above 4pCi/L. This is the minimum level set by the EPA. If your home in Minneapolis reads above 4pCi/L, you have to mitigate it.

Can you reduce radon by opening windows?

Yes and No. When you open your windows and garage during a radon mitigation princess, it can remove the radon gas in your Minneapolis home. However, doing so when you don’t have a radon mitigation system in place is futile.

Should you buy a house with high radon levels?

No, you should not buy a house with high radon levels, without installing the right radon mitigation system in place. Buying a house with high radon levels, where you and your family will live is dangerous, as you’ll be exposing them to cancer-causing radiation. Thus you need to have a radon mitigation system in the house first.

My Home Came Back With Low Levels of Radon. Am I Good?

Having low radon levels is great!. This is the first step to keeping you and your family safe. Radon testing should be conducted once every two years to ensure your radon levels are not changing.

Is high radon a deal-breaker?

Not necessarily. Having a house with high radon should not be a deal-breaker. What it means however is that you need to reduce and conduct radon removal before striking the deal.

Can I mitigate radon myself?

You can mitigate radon yourself. There are DIY radon materials out there which cost around $400 – $600. However, it is recommended you call a radon expert to remove radon in your home.

Do radon mitigation systems really work?

Yes, radon mitigation systems really do work. The right system for the right house has to be done though and by expert radon contractors. To know if your mitigation system really worked, just conduct tests regularly.

What Should I Look For In A Properly Installed Radon Mitigation System?

What you should look for in a radon mitigation system is first that all radon fans are properly installed outside the living area of your home. This allows the mitigation system to start pulling the thousands of pCi/L of radon out of the ground and blow it into the basement or crawlspace then discharge it above the roof.

Who Should I Get To Install A Radon Mitigation System In Minnesota?

An expert in radon mitigation system is what you need. Here at Minnesota Radon Pros™, we cover the whole of Minnesota in radon reduction, removal and mitigation systems. Don’t contact a non-expert and get ripped off. BE in touch today. Or Call 612-248-4702

How Much Does it Cost to Put In Radon Mitigation?

The cost of radon mitigation can be anywhere from $700 to $3000. This depends on the size of the home, the type of house, and the level of radon in the house. 70% of Minnesota Radon mitigation systems can be installed for around $1000. 

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Here are the areas in Minnesota we serve. Give us a call today if you’re in these areas. 612 – 428-4702

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